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Horizon Homes Construction Company was created to offer customers the best possible options for their future dream home. Our team has been building European quality Villas and condominiums since 2007.
With our knowledge of Koh Samui construction, and first-hand experience with the problems that can arise from trying to build a house on the island, we have drawn together a company of the highest standards of building staff and architects. We give our customers not only choice, but confidence, that their house will be completed to their satisfaction.

Turnkey Construction

Taking all your troubles away with ready to move in construction.

Architectural Design

All different types of design on offer, from altria modern to authentic Thai.

Project Management

Professional handling of all aspects of a construction project.

We provide our customers with several different options in terms of price and design. We can offer builds from 22,000 THB psqm to 50,000 THB psqm, depending on the type of build and customer specifications. We strive to help customers to find the price that best suit their budget and design. Our architects will be able to offer many type of perspectives, from European to Asian design. We require high levels of academic achievement and full certification from all our architects.

Horizon Homes Construction Company will help with all negotiations, design and contracts, giving you, the customer, peace of mind that you are in the safest possible hands before you undertake the journey of building your dream home. Let us use our knowledge and technical skill to help you building the perfect home.

Case Studies from our Recent Projects

Horizon Homes Construction Company is a privately owned company that was founded by Alexander Armitage & William McClintock in 2007. The company specializes in building private luxury villas in Koh Samui, Thailand, and has an annual turnover of 20,000,000 THB.

The company constructs on average 3-5 villas a year, with the average build price 18,000,000 THB. The villas tend to be over 350 m2 in size, and built with high end materials. HHC employs over 30 full time staff and many subcontractors.

Buildings Profile

Download our Buildings Profile to see our recent work.

Build Quality

We use the finest materials in southeast Asia.

Swimming Pools

We specialize in top quality swimming pools.

Categories of Work‚Äč

Complete Build of Private Luxury Villas

We work as a turn key contractor. This means we will do everything from structure to the kitchens. Everything is controlled by us so you the customer do not need to worry about .....

Infrastructure Work

We can provide electrical infrastructure including transformer poles and high voltage cables. We can also do excavation work such as rock breaking and earth removal. .....

Swimming Pools

We can build structures and piping for all types of swimming pools and provide extensive knowledge on the best products to use. We have installed tiled pools, Beadcrete pools, .......


Horizon have refurbished many homes and offices on the island. This can often be tricky as issues can arise that may go unseen without an in-depth consultation initially. ...

Civil Engineering

We have a team of highly qualified engineers to work with you on designs of all types. Our engineers know all the rules and regulations to make sure the projects ....

Finishing Works

We can do all types of finishing work from gypsum ceilings to floor tiling. Our staff are highly qualified at working on the finite details and taking pride in their work.

Structural Works

We have the staff to erect any structure, be it steel or cement. From foundations to rooftops, we have built some of the most intricate structures on the island of Samui.....

Electrical Works

Our electricians are highly skilled and all work is completed to the highest Western standards and safety levels. After years of working on Koh Samui, this is something we take very seriously....

Plumbing Works

We have our own plumbing team that can work on all types of jobs. We use pressure testing and all the latest piping techniques to make sure there is good water pressure and ...

Steel Works

We are capable of implementing several different building techniques with steel. We have completed one of the only cellular beam structures on Koh Samui and often ....


We use the best carpenters on the Island to provide the best doors and floors you can find. We can also install railings and exterior ceilings. We can provide doors of a variety of materials,


We offer many types of surveying, from topographical to aerial surveys. We can do soil sample testing for structural stability before construction starts. We can also organize....

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