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Semi-Detached Villa

The total built up area of the two villas is 424 m2. These are semidetached villas on a sloping plot. The client’s requirements were to make sure all the bedrooms had a good view, and that the villas had pool and great living facilities, along with a reasonable price. We build the structures in the …

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Horizon Residence

This build was the first of its type in Thailand. A 4,000 m2 development of two buildings, constructed over four floors. One of the investors wanted to use drywall and steel as the structure of the building, and the reasoning behind this was the increased speed of construction and lightweight eco-friendly materials being used. This structure …

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Villa Mandala

This villa (Villa 17S) was a 4 bedroom luxury villa built over two floors. The land was narrow, so a lot of planning was required in terms of how to shape the development within the area, while incorporating the best possible views. At over 550 sq. meters of built up area, it was of average …

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