Construction Services in Koh Samui

Horizon Homes Construction Company has made a number of innovations to the villa construction process in Koh Samui to ensure that our building standards match those of the finest European villas. Crucially, a division of labor in the Thai work force assures a quality of work unseen before on the island. Each specialized team is organized in a way to guarantee maximum efficiency and successful results, with team leaders, supervisors and engineers overseeing each subdivision. A planning manager making sure that work is allocated correctly and construction completed on time controls the process.

We have our own in-house architect who will work with you to help create your ideal villa. We will lodge the planning application and apply for and gain the required building permits for your villa. Our construction team will build your villa and our MD will project manage the build for you, to ensure that it is built and finished to the high standard that you would expect.

The build payments will be typically paid in 40% + 25% + 25% + 10% increments, in accordance with the build progress (This is our standard payment schedule, but we are open to discussing alternate payment increments)

We would be contracted to build your villa within 12 months of the architectural designs being completed.

We would be happy to forward you customer details who have recently built villas with us so that you can ask them about their thoughts and experiences.